Career Steps by School Year

The education offered at Moody Bible Institute is not an end in itself, but it is the foundation on which to build a future in ministry—the launching of a life in service to God and man. To assist students in staying focused on the end goal, here are some milestones along the way in your education that will help you in your planning for your future. These markers are delineated by year of school.

Freshman Year


The first year of college is a time of great transition for most students. Students are encouraged to pursue relationships with upperclassmen who will guide them through their education. The long term career goal of the freshman year is for students to get to know themselves. Students should consider:

  • Who do I work well with and how do I interact with others?
  • Am I task oriented or do I gravitate to relationships?
  • Do I tend to create, promote, analyze or push to get the job done?
  • What is my learning style and which type of professors can teach me best
  • Am I a morning, afternoon or evening person? When am I at my best?

Sophomore Year


The sophomore year is when most students choose their major of study. The student should begin to research different types of ministries and what educational requirements are needed to work within those ministries. With that information, the student is then able to make an informed choice about which of Moody Bible Institute's majors would best prepare them. The Associate Dean of Career Development is an approachable resource that could help the student to decide. For more information, visit the Choosing a Major page.

Junior Year


The junior year begins the excitement of getting into a major area of study. Along with the focused study, it is this year that most students need to find, interview for and arrange the details for their major internship. The internship should be an opportunity to test out the planned ministry goal for after graduation. It is a chance to see the realities of the type of ministry that you are looking to pursue as a full-time vocation upon graduation. Students should start looking into this process of securing an internship at the beginning of their junior year. The Career Center has resources and ideas to help with finding internships.

Senior Year


Seniors need to begin planning and strategizing their job search in the first semester of their senior year. They need to network with family and friends and complete a resume by the end of January at the latest. Seniors should take a proactive approach in seeking out help and advice. The Career Development Center is happy to assist any students with the transition from school to full time work. There are recruiting events and recruiters on campus that desire to hire Moody graduates. Seniors need to make a point to attend these events.



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